Wearing a Wedding Suit- as the BRIDE

While a great wedding suit can be a perfect choice of ensemble for a guest, it can also be a fantastic choice for the bride who doesn’t fancy a big dress but still want to look formal and put together on her special day. Here’s some tips to find the perfect wedding suit.

Be timeous
Firstly, just because you’re not having a fancy dress made, it doesn’t mean you get the excuse to linger and loiter. Start looking early enough that you can peruse a range of styles and shops, and find the perfect outfit to make your wedding day one to remember. Bear in mind that any suit, no matter how perfect, will need a little tailoring to make it exquisite, and factor in that time.

On that note, your wedding suit needs to fit properly. Don’t rely on the tailor to do all the hard work, either. Make sure that you get the best possible fit in the suit even before you start tailoring it. The tailor will then be able to tweak it to perfection. Getting your suit out the way quickly will also leave you stress free.

How to look your best
Remember that accessories should match the wedding colours, for best visual effect. Of course, the theme of the day is the traditional white, but don’t be afraid to tinker with that a bit- there’s lovely oysters, creams and blushes you can explore if you want to keep it fairly traditional, or go bold and chose a new colour. But if you’re sticking with the pale theme, then introduce the wedding colours with the accessories- from shoes to jewellery and beyond. Don’t be afraid to consider a pattern for your suit- no one said it had to be a flat colour, and patterns are in even in the formal business suit at the moment, let alone for an occasion like this. A subtle pattern can flatter and add personality.

Carry your purchase forward
There’s nothing more useless then a wedding dress after the wedding. And you can opt for the same for your suit, too, if you want. There’s a lot to be said for keeping it in sacred storage to be reminisced over if that suits you. However, don’t be afraid to opt for a suit that will have practical applications, too, especially if the budget is tight. There’s nothing wrong with making the suit for the big day one that will carry forward- perhaps with a few changes- into your daily life after the big day. Must grooms will do it, so you can too!

Fit is everything
We mentioned tailoring above, but it can’t be said enough. Make sure the suit fits and flatters. Few people are totally happy with their bodies, and it can be tempting to try and hide something, or choose a size smaller then you actually fit well just for the sake of the label- but it’s an idea that will shoot you in the foot. The best way to make your body look great is to clothe it well in clothes that fit. There’s nothing to be said for a poor fit.

Getting your wedding suit perfect isn’t as hard as you may think. You can view wedding suits for women here for some further inspiration.

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Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

If you don’t have much space in your home, you will just have to do with having a tiny little bathroom. Although the space is limited, you can still do some cheats to make it look more spacious that it really is. The way you decorate it and the way you place items inside it will all help make your bathroom look bigger even if it is really small. Start with some of these tips to make your bathroom bigger.

  • A simple frame for your bathroom mirror.

Every bathroom has to have a mirror because it does not only show how you look; it also makes the room look more spacious. It helps trick your mind in seeing more space because of the mirror. A simple frame will also freshen the look in your bathroom. You can use moldings and paint them in the color that you wish to have. It is also a great accent to the bathroom.

  • Spice racks in your bathroom.

Who said you can only use the spice racks in your kitchen? It can also be used in your bathroom to hold all the things that you use inside your bathroom. If you don’t like how the spice rack looks like, you can give it a fresh coat of paint to make it look more modern and to make if fit your bathroom.

  • Use coat hooks for towels.

Instead of having multiple tower rods, you can make use of coat hooks to fit multiple towels in your bathroom especially if there many of you who use that bathroom. It also adds a vintage appeal to your bathroom and it is a great way to keep the bath towels dry.

  • Compartmentalize Your Cabinet

You can easily find the things you need to use in your cabinet if you use other small storage solutions in it. There are simple solutions that you can fit in your cabinet and this will help organize your cabinet so that you can easily get what you need.

  • Bobby Pin Organizer

For those who use bobby pins, you can make sure that you always find them in place by using a magnetic strip to organize them. You can place the magnetic strip inside the cabinet door and get the number of pins you need for today’s hair do.

  • Magnet Board For Your Makeup

Instead of hiding your makeup stash in a drawer, you can use it to creatively design a part of a wall in your bathroom. You can also place this board at the back of your door or inside the cabinet door.

  • Hang Mason Jars For Storage

This is a smart way to use storage as a decorative piece in your bathroom. The mason jars hanging on a wooden plank look rustic and vintage. This could very well go with your cottage themed home. You can find hand towels that fit inside mason jars to add a little colour to some of them

  • Roll Your Towels

When you roll your towels, you get to store more of it than you usually would in that space. This is one of the many tricks that is used in packing. This also adds a cosier look to your bathroom.

The Quality Of A Towel

The quality of a towel can range greatly, there are cheap towels available that, although may do the job for which they are for, but only barely and are perhaps even a little bit scratchy, at the other end of the range there are towels that immediately bathe you in a shroud of welcoming comfort and warmth, they are soft and cosy and also very absorbent. These are the general criteria for bath towels at least, whilst towels that are designed for other uses may have extra criteria to be considered.

When looking at a towel review, the purposes for which a towel is to be used must be an important factor especially when if you have to review face cloths. Why a review of face towels is perhaps different, is because they can commonly be used for two totally different purposes. The first purpose is in the bathroom as a towel used in the shower where it is used as a medium to lather up the soap before applying to the body or as a towel to remove make-up. In both these cases, it is not required to dry the body and so a minimum amount of absorbency, enough to allow the lathering of the soap, is necessary whilst due to it possibly being used to soap sensitive parts of the body or used in the delicate task of removing make-up, means that it must be soft, affording no roughness against the skin. The second use for a face towel is either as a ‘sweat rag’ or in a mechanic’s shop. As a sweat rag it is used to frequently mop sweat from the body on a hot day but as the salt from the first mopping would counteract any delicate qualities it may possess, its softness is not necessarily a major factor and as for its use in a mechanics shop, it is used to frequently wipe oil and grease from the mechanic’s hands and so softness is not really a factor there but, in both cases, it must have a decent absorbency factor, as it will likely be in frequent use, probably on a full day basis. Therefore any review of these towels should carefully explain their attributes as, although a face towel may seem totally inappropriate for one of these uses, its qualities may be ideally suited to another purpose and any purchaser of a face towel should know in advance of buying, what the purpose of the towel or towels they are considering buying, is going to be.

Other towels can basically be judged on their softness and absorbency, except perhaps for the beach towel, whose major and most important task is probably to provide a blanket at the pool side or on the beach, in which case, its size may be an over-riding factor.

Whether you are purchasing towels for your family’s use or as to whether you are purchasing towels for a guest house or hotel, always be sure of the use the towel will be put to, prior to purchase.

How To Prepare For A Sauna Visit

Sauna treatments offer considerable benefits for your skin, from detoxifying to weight loss to improving blood flow, which have carried their popularity from ancient Roman and Turkish baths on to today’s ultramodern SPA centers. Most probably you have a sauna in your local gym as well and there is nothing more relaxing for both your mind and body than an invigorating sweat after a long workout. Some people who have never tried using a sauna before are wondering what the procedure for a sauna visit is, but there are also those who are not doing it correctly for optimal results, so here are a few steps you can take on your first or next visit to a sauna.

Clean up

Before you enter the sauna, it is a good idea to remove grime from the entire body with a gentle, natural body wash. There is no need to wash your hair yet, as you will get the chance to do so afterwards. After the shower pat your skin dry (do not rub) with a bath sheet. These are better water absorbents than regular towels and are a wiser choice to enter the sauna with afterwards. For a an idea of what bath sheets work best for other people, read a few review large bath sheets to make an informed choice.

Sit down and relax

Remember to remove all metal elements, including your watch, jewellery or bra/swimsuit (if it has a metal clasp), as these get incredibly hot and might burn your skin. Sit down in the sauna and simply relax for 10 to 15 minutes, but keep an eye on the time at all times. Most saunas come with a built in clock or an hourglass to time your sessions. If the heat starts to become unbearable, you have difficulty breathing or you start to feel lightheaded, get out immediately.

Take a cold shower

Contrasting temperatures work wonders for your skin, so plunge in the cool waters of a pool if one is available or simply take a cold shower. Start with your feet and work your way upwards, finally stepping under the shower completely. Do not use any products, especially if they are chemical based as your skin pores are open and prone to absorbing whatever it is you put on your body. Some SPA centers have an ice machine and it is a great idea to rub some ice in your joints and/or problem cellulite areas.


Now is the time to relax. Find the relax area in your SPA center or find a quiet, warm place to lie down. Listening to some nature sounds will increase the feeling of inner peace and calm. Don’t go back to the sauna for at least 20 minutes.

Go for another round

Following the previously mentioned routine, spend another 10 to 15 minutes in the sauna to get the full benefit. It is shocking that a 30-minute stay in the sauna actually burns about 400 calories! The time after the sauna is best for gently exfoliating your skin to remove dead cells as your pores are open. Remember to use gentle care products, preferably 100% organic.

Chunky, Patchy Beauty

Basically, applique design is a style that is commonly used in embroidery designs that are available online. There are many techniques in designing embroidery. An applique is a smaller ornament that is mounted on a fabric surface in order to enhance a larger design. It is a pattern used to decorate a garment. In embroidery, it has become a resort, just as it is highly used in the textile industry.

In plain sewing, an applique is usually a smaller piece of fabric sewn into a larger one. The smaller fabric is of different colour from the larger one, such that it contrasts pretty well and stands out at a distance. An applique is usually used for letterings for banners. It is also most productive and most fabulous when done in quilting. In fact, it is the heart of quilting.

In embroidery, there are several methods in using the applique. There are several techniques used for machine applique design because there has not been a standard technique determined by embroiderers.Basically, applique is used in embroidery when the design consists of large shapes. Instead of painstakingly filling out these huge spaces with stitches, cloth pieces are used to fill out the colour space.

The first basic method is the multiple file method. This technique is preferred for mass productions and when multi-head machines are available. Placement lines or stitches are sewn in separately. They are sewn in first and then they will serve as a marker to where the applique fabric will be placed. The pre-cut applique fabric is attached using an adhesive. It covers the primarily sewn placement stitches.

Another method is the one file method. Its name suggests that it is the opposite of the previous method mentioned. Although this method consumes more time and effort that the previous one, it is considered as the most popular among home-based embroiderers. The design or the pattern is drawn on the fabric and then a piece of square fabric, that is your applique, is placed on top and is sewn following the pre-laid placement line. It takes extra effort and care because one has to trim the excess fabric from the applique piece. This has to be done neatly.

There is also another method of using the applique design. In this method, manual work is preferred. You draw out you design on the dull side of a freezer paper. Cut down the parts or shapes of the design that signify differences in the colour or applique material. Place a piece of pattern on its corresponding fabric, shiny face down. Fold down the excess borders or allowances of the fabric to fit it into the pattern, and then stick in pins to preserve the shape. Place this on top of the canvass fabric, on the place where it should be. When this piece is neatly sewn on the sides, the freezer paper pattern can be unpinned and taken away. This will be done to all the pieces of the pattern.

These are only three of the basic applique techniques that can easily be followed by a starting embroiderer like you. In fact, applique design is also just one of the many techniques that can be used in creating beautiful embroidered designs.